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We are currently adding a new line of services, where we will be offering things for show clothes, such as design work and stoning, as well as clothing and vehicle graphics and more! Please bear with us as we update this page, adding all our new products! If no price is listed, please contact us for further details.

Show Clothes Design Services
$45 - Includes communicating with chosen designer
​Want your seamstress to see exactly what you see, but don't have the time or patience to work through designs? Let us! Simply explain what you have in mind, and we can draw up the designs. This service allows you to have the most custom attire. 

Show Clothes Stoning Services
​Have a show jacket that just doesn't have enough sparkle? Allow us to add it! We use only genuine Swarovski stones. We have every size and color available. Rates are charged per Gross (144 stones), not hourly, and vary by size. 

Vehicle Graphics
Under 9"x9": $65
Over 9"x9": Starting at $75
Price INCLUDES shipping!

We have all seen those 'cookie cutter' vinyl graphics on car windows. 
They are fun, but they look the same from one car to the next! Why 
not have a custom made one? What about one of you and your horse?
 We are now offering custom vinyl graphics.

 How does it work? 
Simply send us your favorite photo of your horse, we convert it to a 
vector graphic and cut out the design onto 3M Outdoor grade vinyl.
 See some examples below!

 What if I want text?
We can add that too! Simply tell us a phrase you would like to have
 included, or we can supply you with a few of our pre-written phrases.
As far as fonts, if you have it on the computer it can be used!

 What can I apply them to?
Car windows, cars, trailers, anything you can put a sticker on! We can cut the design on black vinyl for white trailers or other light colored locations. Want color? We have a few other color options; contact us for more details. 

How do I apply them?
Each decal will come with a printed set of directions. If you are local, I can apply them free of charge. Application will also be available at any shows we are at (check out our contact page for our list of shows!) 


9/19/2012 - Equine Photo Shoot Special; from now until October 15th, a 2 hour shoot is only $75; that's 50% off! See our specials page for more details.

8/26/2012 - We have redesigned our website and reorganized our pages. Take a moment to check out the new layout. 

6/20/2012 - 4th of July Sale! From now until July 7th, take 10% off of all products and services. 

Photography to Art - $45
​Have a photo you love, or want us to take one? We can turn a simple photo into a piece of art that would create a beautiful wall piece. Price does not include taking the initial portrait; for more information on that, visit our sister site.